Phone Sex: Our Top Tips For Amazing Phone Sex

If you like porn you are probably happy with many of the great sites online that you can visit such as Pornhub. There are other ways to enjoy a good time like good old-fashioned phone sex or even sexting which is sex over your mobile messaging platform. Here are some ways that you can enjoy some amazing phone sex encounters.


Before you try phone sex you should relax so take in some amateur porn videos or other porn and get in the mood for some phone sex. You want to be as relaxed as possible before you call a phone sex line or your significant other for some sexy phone fun.

The Mood

You may want to dress up or do some role-playing while engaging in phone sex. You might want to wear your favorite piece of sexy clothing, like lingerie, for example. You could put on some music or have a porno playing in the background without the sound.

Touch Yourself

You want to touch yourself during phone sex as masturbation is a big part of phone sex. Just because someone isn’t there is reality with you, it doesn’t mean you can’t get off. By getting off together over the phone, it can be a great erotic encounter for you both and it’s highly recommended for great phone sex.

Ask the Other Person What They want

Don’t be afraid of some sexy talk and ask the other person what that want you to do to them. It can be very exciting to hear the other person tell you what they want and can make the phone sex a lot of fun for you both.


You should talk as dirty as you want and use words that you might not use in real life. It can be as raw and as nasty as you like because this is what will help the other person get off on the other line. The words you use are going to be up to you and what you like.


Today, you can watch porn videos on sites like PornHub but you can also watch live video. If you prefer you can use that live video for your phone sex through the various chat programs out there as this can and a new dimension to your phone sex encounters. Using programs like Skype for phone sex can be a lot of fun.


Real porn like amateur sex videos or other porn can be fun but you can really add a lot to your sex life by trying some kinky phone sex as the words you speak to another person can really help you get off like never before.