Sexting (from sex and texting): Writing sexual content in a text message and sending it by cell phone/via social media/etc.

You’d think sexting would be pretty harmless even if you send a message to the wrong person. Surely that wouldn’t be a big deal in 2019? People have had much worse happen to them than receiving an unsolicited racy text, even if accompanied by a pic. But then, you never know who’s on the receiving end, and even if the right person gets it, you never know the situation they’re in.

One obvious risk would be having a person of authority – boss, parent, etc. – see the text on the phone of the object of your sexual interest. It can be quite awkward, and it can also be very likely. Some bosses monitor their employees’ social media profiles during office hours. Maybe they’re right to do so. After all, it’s only fair – they don’t want their company time wasted.

If you’re sexting someone who’s in their teens, it’s likely a parent will see the message. Parents are naturally curious about this stuff. When your 16-year-old GF steps in the shower, nosy dad will be quick to pounce on the phone. The best outcome for you two would be incessant joking. There are worse options. If you are an adult and sexting someone who’s underage, the message will be evidence against you in court.

Then there’s receiving an erotic message at the wrong time. Like one stand-up comic says, “I think about writing “I really want to do you right now” to someone and picture they’re in the hospital. Their mother has just died. They look at their phone and say, “Oh, you want to do me right now. Really?” And then I’m that creepy guy who did that creepy thing.”